(Form centos.org)How do I access the Novell Servers(CentOS 5.0)?

Open a terminal window and su - root to get a root shell.

Go to the directory with the yum configuration files with cd /etc/yum.repos.d and open the CentOS-Base.repo file.

Find the [update] section and add the line exclude=kernel kernel-smp to the bottom of the entry.

Find the [centosplus] section and change the enabled=0 to enabled=1 and add the line includepkg=kernel kernel-smp to the end of the entry.

Check what kernel type you are using. Run the command uname -r and look at the end of the output for the tag smp If there was no smp in the last output update the kernel with the command yum update kernel. If the output had smp update the kernel with the command yum update kernel-smp.

Download the IPX utils and NCPFS rpms.  (We rebuild the two srpms once and house them on an internal web server)

Install the rpms with the command rpm -ivh ipxutils-2.2.4-9.FC4.i386.rpm and rpm -ivh ncpfs-2.2.4-9.FC4.i386.rpm

Reboot the machine so that it boots with the new kernel and log back in.

Make a directory in your home directory for the NW01 server with the command mkdir nw01 To actualy connect to the novell servers use the following command ncpmount -S NW01 -A x.x.x.x nw01 -U USERNAME.users.tree -P PASSWORD replace the USERNAME and PASSWORD with your Novell username and password.

It will give no output if it completes sucessfuly. To check it go into the nw01 folder with cd nw01 and list the files with ls it should display the shares that you have access to on the main file server.

This command can be added to a script so that you do not have to type it every time. Make a new file in your home directory called novell.sh with the command touch novell.sh then open it in an editor. Add the following lines to the file and make sure to replace the username and password with your username and password


    ncpmount -S NW01 -A x.x.x.x nw01 -U USERNAME.users.tree -P PASSWORD


Now make the file exicutable by you and remove the permisions for anyone else to read the file with the command chmod 700 novell.sh

Now you can just run your script novell.sh to connect to the novell servers.